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    Championship Omaha

    By: T.J. Cloutier, Tom McEvoy
    Subtitle: Omaha High-Low, Omaha High and Pot-Limit Omaha

    This book offers over 15 comprehensive practice hands, focusing particularly on tournament play and updated tournament formats. It features over 25 new card illustrations and provides clear strategies and expert advice on the optimal starting hands, maneuvering through the flop, turn, and river, identifying risky draws, and strategies for both low-limit and high-stakes games. It also covers how to adjust strategies against different types of opponents and the nuances of rebuy versus freeze-out tournaments. Additionally, readers will understand the risks of slowplaying strong hands, the pitfalls of playing danglers, and the unique scenarios in Pot-limit Omaha where folding the nuts on the flop is the right move. This edition also introduces advanced strategies for exploiting Omaha high-low in multi-game tournaments, drawing from Cloutier’s experience at the World Series of Poker’s $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. tournament.

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    Championship No Limit Pot Limit Hold ‘Em

    By: Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier,

    The authors T. J. Cloutier and Tom McEvoy collectively hold 8 championship titles. This book stands as the ultimate manual for triumphing in two of the globe’s most thrilling poker variations. It answers crucial questions for players: From mastering the art of reading opponents and outplaying them, to making strategic bets, raises, and re-raises in no-limit hold’em, and executing bluffs. It also covers strategies for setting up opponents in pot-limit hold’em to secure substantial pots, alongside tactics for clinching victories in no-limit and pot-limit tournaments, including satellites and supersatellites. This guide offers solid and insightful advice from two highly recognizable poker experts.

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    Waiting for Straighters

    By: Tommy Angelo
    Subtitle: A Preflop Experiment for No-Limit Holdem and Pot-Limit Omaha

    A comprehensive guide that explores the often-overlooked strategy of folding before the flop in these popular poker variants. The book seamlessly combines advanced mathematical and game-theoretical concepts with a practical and accessible approach, making it an invaluable resource for players of all skill levels.

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    Pot Limit Omaha

    By: William Jockusch
    Subtitle: Understanding Winning Play

    A comprehensive guide that explores the complexities of this increasingly popular poker variant. The book covers a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of hand valuation to advanced concepts such as short stack play, wrap hands, blind stealing, and pot size manipulation. With numerous sample hands and an emphasis on winning strategies and thought processes, this book offers valuable insights for players of all skill levels looking to improve their Pot-Limit Omaha game.

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    Secrets of Short-handed Pot-Limit Omaha

    By: Rolf Slotboom, Rob Hollink
    Subtitle: How to Beat PLO Games With Six or Fewer Players

    Rolf Slotboom and Rob Hollink have collaborated to create the ultimate guide on short-handed Pot-Limit Omaha, a game played at tables with six or fewer players. This guide is essential as Pot-Limit Omaha rapidly becomes one of the most popular poker variations, especially in high-stakes online games. Their expertise offers strategies on managing buy-ins, making decisions on whether to check-raise or bet, and techniques for representing or misrepresenting hands to maximize winnings. Rolf Slotboom, known for his seminal work “Secrets of Professional Pot Limit Omaha,” made a notable debut at the 2007 World Series of Poker, cashing in four events. Rob Hollink brings over two decades of experience, boasting achievements like a European tour title and a World Series bracelet in 2008. Together, they provide invaluable insights for dominating short-handed Pot-Limit Omaha games.

    Advanced Pot-limit Omaha

    By: Jeff Hwang
    Subtitle: Small Ball and Short-Handed Play

    Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha: Small Ball and Short-Handed Play by Jeff Hwang is a poker strategy book that focuses on the popular game of Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO). The book delves into advanced concepts and strategies for playing PLO, specifically in small ball and short-handed situations. Small ball refers to a style of play that involves making smaller bets and raises to control the pot size, while short-handed play refers to playing at tables with fewer players, typically six or fewer.

    The book covers various topics, including hand selection, position, reading opponents, and betting strategies. It also provides numerous examples and hand analyses to help readers understand the concepts and apply them in real-life situations. The book is aimed at experienced PLO players who want to improve their game and gain an edge over their opponents.

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    Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha

    By: Jeff Hwang
    Subtitle: The Short-Handed Workbook: 3

    You’ve studied the concepts, skills, and strategies, now it’s time to put them to work! Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha Vol. III: The Short-Handed Workbook is designed to help you master small to mid-stakes short-handed PLO and includes a variety of tools to enhance your game. With over 160 full practice hand quizzes dedicated to short-handed online play from stakes ranging from $0.25-$0.50 to $2-$4 blinds with $0.75 antes, this workbook offers a comprehensive approach to improving your skills. It features a Diagnostic Test to gauge your comprehension level of PLO skills and concepts, a Leakfinder to expose holes in both your and your opponents’ games, Pre-Flop Playing Maps to outline your pre-flop playing approach, and Practice Hand Quizzes to apply your skills and play out entire hands from start to finish. Plug any leaks you might have in your game and elevate your play with Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha Volume III: The Short-Handed Workbook.

    Advanced Pot-limit Omaha Volume II

    By: Jeff Hwang
    Subtitle: LAG Play

    This book explores key concepts such as variable ratio reinforcement and c-bet frequency, which shape the LAG playing style, and teaches tactics like opening fire on the blinds and attacking the limper. The book also discusses when to employ 3-betting versus playing small ball. With nearly 300 hand walkthroughs focused on short-handed online play, this book takes Omaha strategy to the next level and promises to expand your game in unprecedented ways.

    Superstar Poker Strategy

    By: Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan
    Subtitle: The World's Greatest Players Reveal Their Winning Secrets

    The world’s top poker players share their expert advice on mastering various poker styles such as tournaments, cash games, no-limit, limit and pot-limit hold’em, Omaha (high-low and PLO), 7-card stud (razz, high-low), and triple draw in the book Superstars of Poker. The book features strategies and secrets from poker legends like Doyle Brunson, known as the greatest poker player and the Godfather of Poker, and Phil Helmuth, who holds the record for the most WSOP championships. Other contributors include Daniel Negreanu, a 6-time bracelet winner and author, Lyle Berman, founder of the World Poker Tour, Bobby Baldwin, Johnny Chan, Mike Caro, Jennifer Harman, Todd Brunson, and Crandell Addington.

    Omaha Poker

    By: Bob Ciaffone
    Subtitle: The Active Game

    Omaha Poker, previously known as Omaha Holdem Poker, has been updated and released under a name that better suits it. The book has undergone a complete rewrite to enhance clarity and adapt to contemporary language, incorporating an additional 20 pages of essential content focused on the pot-limit Omaha high version of the game.

    Improve Your Poker

    By: Bob Ciaffone

    This book on poker compiles articles that cover essential skills for excelling at the game. It caters to players at intermediate and advanced levels, discussing several forms of poker such as limit hold’em, no-limit hold’em, and pot-limit Omaha. The content is by various experts, focusing on the diverse abilities required to play poker well.

    Pot-Limit Omaha Poker

    By: Jeff Hwang
    Subtitle: The Big Play Strategy

    This book is a gateway to the world of the most lucrative cash game in poker. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious hobbyist, this guide equips you with a winning strategy tailored for the action-packed tables of Pot-Limit Omaha. From the bustling poker rooms of Europe to the fervent tables of North America, Omaha is reshaping the landscape of the game with bigger pots and more excitement. With clear, concise instruction and practical insights, you’ll navigate the intricacies of Omaha’s gameplay, unlocking its subtle distinctions and transforming yourself into a formidable player capable of dominating both live and online play. Isn’t it time you stepped up to the challenge and claimed your share of the excitement and riches Pot-Limit Omaha has to offer?

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    Championship no-limit and pot-limit hold’em

    By: Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier
    Subtitle: On the road to the World Series of Poker

    Mastering Pot-Limit Omaha

    By: Herbert Okolowitz, Wladimir Taschner
    Subtitle: The Modern Aggressive Approach

    Mastering PLO stands out as a unique and impressive book that introduces a fresh approach to the game, unlike most PLO books that suggest an outdated, highly conservative game-plan that’s ineffective in today’s games. This book provides detailed explanations on pre-flop hand selection and dynamics, including wide 3- and 4-bet ranges analysis and optimal bet-sizing theory. It also teaches how to leverage equity shifts on turn and river, and the art of bluffing. It helps you comprehend the game better, fostering a comprehensive view of the play by linking preflop decisions to later actions. And there’s more… A well-defined game-plan and the right mindset can significantly boost your win-rate and give you an advantage over your opponents. Mastering PLO is the key to gaining that advantage!

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    52 Great Poker Tips

    By: Lou Krieger
    Subtitle: At Home, Tournament and Online

    A top poker expert provides crucial advice to help you succeed in Texas Hold ‘Em poker, regardless of whether you’re playing at home, in a tournament, or online. Lou Krieger, the author of the popular ‘Poker Player’s Bible’, not only offers fundamental advice like when to fold, call, or raise, but also shares insider strategies to enhance your game. His guidance varies based on the type of game you’re playing – a tournament, a fixed-limit game (common in the USA), or a pot- or no-limit game (frequently seen in the UK and much of Europe). His advice spans across limit cash games, no-limit or pot-limit cash games, tournaments, and includes tips applicable to all games and specific online poker strategies.

    Secrets of Professional Pot-Limit Omaha

    By: Rolf Slotboom
    Subtitle: How to win big, both live and online

    Pot-Limit Omaha is quickly gaining traction in the poker world, thanks to the ongoing poker boom. Despite its growing popularity, players have found it challenging to find comprehensive advice on mastering this intricate game. “Secrets of Pot-Limit Omaha” emerges as a pioneering guide, diving into the strategies of medium and high-stakes PLO with unprecedented clarity. This book unveils critical strategies previously unpublished. It covers a wide array of topics essential for PLO success, including a novel short-stack strategy, adjustments for playing with a larger stack, optimal bet sizing, strategic seating, the use of blockers, executing the bare ace bluff, and leveraging opponents’ weaknesses. Additionally, it provides valuable theoretical and practical insights through practice hands and hand match-up analyses. This book is indispensable for anyone aiming to excel in Pot-Limit Omaha.

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