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    Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold’em, Volume 2

    By: Ken Warren

    The popularity of poker remains high, fueled by the World Poker Tour, ESPN’s coverage of the World Series of Poker, the Celebrity Poker Tour, and more upcoming coverage. Warren’s book includes a special section on tournaments and Internet play, providing a comprehensive approach for readers. Warren focuses on strategies and plays needed to win money in current games. He addresses the most relevant questions from his readers, teaching them how to maximize their earnings, use their position to their advantage, adjust to opponents’ playing styles, and make smart percentage plays. The book includes numerous charts, real hand examples, and illustrations.

    Analytical No-Limit Hold ’em

    By: Thomas Bakker

    The book addresses the significant changes in poker over the past few years, particularly the shift towards online play, which has led to the development of new winning strategies. The book provides the necessary tools and theory for navigating challenging mid-stakes short-handed games, especially those played online. It explores the latest techniques and strategies employed by many of today’s top players and explains the strategic approaches required for success. The text covers a wide range of topics, including three-betting, exploiting weak players, beating short-stackers, board texture, optimal bluffing frequencies, and an in-depth analysis of ranges, including range structure, polarized ranges, and range balance. Additionally, the book examines the concept of hand-reading by assigning perceived ranges to players and demonstrates ways to manipulate one’s image to influence opponents’ strategies. Analytical No Limit Hold’em also discusses the use of tracking programs and heads-up displays, and includes a chapter dedicated to computer security in the context of online poker.

    How to Beat Sit ‘n’ Go Poker Tournaments

    By: Timothy Neil

    the book focuses on the most popular form of online poker tournament played today: Sit ‘n’ Gos. These one-table tournaments, where the top three players split the prize money (50% for first, 30% for second, and 20% for third), are enjoyed by more than half of all Internet poker players and many land-based cardroom players as well. The book highlights the appeal of Sit ‘n’ Gos, which lies in their quick nature, averaging only one hour to play, and their lucrative potential for players who master the right strategies.

    Beat Texas Hold’em

    By: Tom McEvoy, Shane Smith

    The book is divided into four sections, each focusing on a specific game format, where the authors discuss the fundamentals of play, provide ten essential tips for success, present ten practice hands, answer frequently asked questions, and review key concepts. The book also features “Dear Tom” stories from readers, highlighting real-life scenarios with answers from 1983 World Champion Tom McEvoy. Written in a light yet informative tone, “Championship Hold’em” combines wisdom, humor, and instructive anecdotes to create an engaging and educational resource for poker enthusiasts of all levels.

    Championship Omaha

    By: T.J. Cloutier, Tom McEvoy
    Subtitle: Omaha High-Low, Omaha High and Pot-Limit Omaha

    This book offers over 15 comprehensive practice hands, focusing particularly on tournament play and updated tournament formats. It features over 25 new card illustrations and provides clear strategies and expert advice on the optimal starting hands, maneuvering through the flop, turn, and river, identifying risky draws, and strategies for both low-limit and high-stakes games. It also covers how to adjust strategies against different types of opponents and the nuances of rebuy versus freeze-out tournaments. Additionally, readers will understand the risks of slowplaying strong hands, the pitfalls of playing danglers, and the unique scenarios in Pot-limit Omaha where folding the nuts on the flop is the right move. This edition also introduces advanced strategies for exploiting Omaha high-low in multi-game tournaments, drawing from Cloutier’s experience at the World Series of Poker’s $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. tournament.

    Championship No Limit Pot Limit Hold ‘Em

    By: Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier,

    The authors T. J. Cloutier and Tom McEvoy collectively hold 8 championship titles. This book stands as the ultimate manual for triumphing in two of the globe’s most thrilling poker variations. It answers crucial questions for players: From mastering the art of reading opponents and outplaying them, to making strategic bets, raises, and re-raises in no-limit hold’em, and executing bluffs. It also covers strategies for setting up opponents in pot-limit hold’em to secure substantial pots, alongside tactics for clinching victories in no-limit and pot-limit tournaments, including satellites and supersatellites. This guide offers solid and insightful advice from two highly recognizable poker experts.

    Championship Tournament Practice Hands

    By: Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier

    Championship Tournament Practice Hands offers readers two types of instruction to help them become winning tournament players. First, the authors take you inside their heads as they strategize through 57 no-limit and limit hold’em practice hands, demonstrating how world-class players use skill and intuition to maximize profit in tournament scenarios. Second, they analyze 45 key hands from the World Series of Poker, sharing insights into how top players navigated these critical moments. By understanding the authors’ analysis and opinions on these key hands, readers can gain valuable insights into high-level tournament poker. With record amounts of money at stake in both online and on-land tournaments, this timely book aims to help you claim your share of poker’s newest bonanza. Note that this description may be from another edition of the product.

    A Rubber Band Story and Other Poker Tales

    By: Tommy Angelo

    A Rubber Band Story and Other Poker Tales collects the best poker articles from Tommy Angelo’s first 12 years of writing, showcasing them with eighteen new commentaries by Angelo about the works. This anthology offers war stories, poker fiction, ruminations on poker rules, meditation, and more, including a strong selection of articles on tilt, the author’s signature topic. The new additions take you behind the curtain on Angelo’s history and writing process. New readers will appreciate the humor and fresh perspective on poker, while existing fans will enjoy this convenient collection of Angelo’s most popular material.

    Elements of Poker

    By: Tommy Angelo

    Elements of Poker is the distilled wisdom of a master, revealing a new world of profitability for both your bankroll and your life. Beyond statistics and the basic decisions of whether to raise, call, or fold, this book delves deeper into the nuances of the game. You know tilt costs you money, but do you know how to make it go away? You understand the importance of position, but do you really know how to profit from that knowledge?

    Painless Poker

    By: Tommy Angelo

    Tommy Angelo tackles the emotional and psychological challenges that cause pain in poker players’ lives. Drawing from his own experiences and those of seven distressed players, Angelo offers effective strategies to minimize tilt, handle table talk, recover from bad beats, gain an edge over opponents, and consistently improve one’s game. With his signature wit and wisdom, Angelo delivers a book that is as engaging as it is enlightening, helping players to reduce the depth, duration, and frequency of pain in both poker and life.

    Waiting for Straighters

    By: Tommy Angelo
    Subtitle: A Preflop Experiment for No-Limit Holdem and Pot-Limit Omaha

    A comprehensive guide that explores the often-overlooked strategy of folding before the flop in these popular poker variants. The book seamlessly combines advanced mathematical and game-theoretical concepts with a practical and accessible approach, making it an invaluable resource for players of all skill levels.

    Killer Poker Shorthanded

    By: Tony Guerrera, John Vorhaus
    Subtitle: Shorthanded Hold'em Means Long Green For You!

    Whether you’re online in a 6-max game or sizing up the survivors over a Vegas poker table at 4am, shorthanded games give prepared players the opportunity to quickly take down the money, as most opponents wind up making crucial, costly, and easily exploitable mistakes. In “Killer Poker Shorthanded,” John Vorhaus and Tony Guerrera guide you past the math and theory into the realm of real profit, teaching you the unique talents needed for shorthanded play. This book provides everything you need to know to dominate every conceivable tournament situation, from a shorthanded sit-and-go online to heads-up action at the final table of the World Series of Poker.

    Peak Performance Poker

    By: Travis Steffen
    Subtitle: Revolutionizing the Way You View the Game

    The author emphasize that the new era of poker demands players to treat the game as a competitive endeavor and themselves as sportspeople, drawing parallels between poker players and professional athletes in terms of dedication, practice, analysis, and the use of psychology to gain a winning edge. The book, packed with research and feedback from top pros like Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth, guides readers on how to prepare their bodies and minds to achieve optimal results in tournaments and cash games. It emphasizes the importance of being in peak physical condition to sharpen every aspect of play, while poor diet and neglect of emotional life can undermine one’s game. “Peak Performance Poker” covers crucial aspects such as flow, proper nutrition, rest and recovery, sports psychology, and time management to help players balance poker with the rest of their lives. The authors assert that the modern poker table belongs to smart, fit, and healthy competitors, and this book aims to seat readers among the best of them.

    The Complete Practical Guide to Poker & Poker Playing

    By: Trevor Sippets
    Subtitle: A Complete Illustrated Guide to the Game of Poker

    A book that offers an in-depth exploration of poker, covering its rich history, legendary figures, and notable players. This comprehensive guide delves into essential strategies, skills, and tactics, providing detailed rules of the game and valuable tips for success, making it an indispensable resource for players at all levels.

    How I Made My First Million from Poker

    By: Tri Nguyen

    Tri Nguyen shares his journey to becoming a self-made millionaire through poker and reveals over 50 proven advanced tactics to help you elevate your game. You’ll learn how to win more pots using the “No Free Showdown” concept, manage your bankroll effectively, quickly recover from downswings, avoid tilt, stay motivated and aggressive, and consistently play your ‘A’ game. Nguyen’s strategies are applicable in various poker settings, from Las Vegas casinos to online games, and don’t require advanced math skills or a high IQ to implement successfully.

    The Poker Blueprint

    By: Tri Nguyen
    Subtitle: Advanced Strategies for Crushing Micro & Small Stakes NL

    – Mastering the art of winning pots without strong hands
    – A simple yet effective tactic to overpower your opponents found
    – A minor tweak to boost your win-rate, detailed
    – Instantly become the top player at your table
    – Strategies for successful bluffing and earning big rewards
    – Managing downswings calmly, explained
    – Quick odds calculation methods
    – Tri’s journey to becoming a poker millionaire

    Poker Blog

    By: Tyler Nals

    The book offers fresh strategies designed to help the 90% of poker players who frequently leave the table feeling defeated join the profitable top 10%. Written in a friendly, accessible style, this book caters to novice and intermediate players looking to turn the tables on their opponents and become long-term winners, significantly increasing their chances of success by implementing the easy-to-understand poker strategies presented within.

    Poker Notes

    By: Tyler Nals

    The author shares their secret to eight consecutive years of profitable poker playing. Rejecting conventional wisdom, the author has focused solely on strategies that maximize the probability of long-term profits. This book offers a shortcut to success, allowing you to bypass years of trial and error and learn the key information needed to transform your game from frustrating losses to consistent wins. If you love poker and know you have the potential to make serious money, this book provides the essential insights to help you achieve your goals and become a profitable player.

    Powerful Profits From Internet Poker

    By: Victor H. Royer

    This essential guide by Victor H. Royer, a distinguished gambling columnist and casino expert, is the ultimate resource for players aiming to elevate their game, boost their skills, and secure significant winnings in online poker. It caters to everyone from eager novices to experienced professionals, offering comprehensive insights to enhance their gaming experience. Royer shares his expertise on the distinctions between online and traditional poker games, providing strategies to overcome typical challenges and adapt to the unique requirements of playing over the internet.


    Powerful Profits From Tournament Poker

    By: Victor H. Royer

    The Powerful Profits series expands with Royer’s guide, offering insider tips on earning big from tournament poker. Royer, a seasoned tournament player with unmatched expertise in game analysis and theory, instructs both average and novice players on mastering the most played tournament poker games. Unlike other manuals that concentrate solely on game theory, Royer’s dual perspective as a theorist and experienced player provides this book with advantages that other guides lack.

    The Kama Sutra of Poker

    By: Victor Irons

    The book is about learning to play poker and improve one’s poker skills. Testimonials praise the book for teaching poker playing at a different level that provides lessons that will stick with the reader.

    Poker Wizards

    By: Warwick Dunnett
    Subtitle: Strategy From The World's Great Hold'em Poker Players

    The ultimate guide for mastering no-limit hold’em tournaments, crafted by a prestigious lineup of champions and superstars. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Super System, this exclusive collection unveils the strategies, insights, and tactics employed by the best in the game. With invaluable advice from players who have individually amassed millions in tournament earnings and collectively secured over 20 WSOP bracelets, two main event championships, 100 major titles, and $50 million in winnings, this book is a treasure trove for serious players. Featuring renowned names like Daniel Negreanu, Dan Harrington, Marcel Luske, Kathy Liebert, Mike Sexton, Mel Judah, Marc Salem, T.J. Cloutier, and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, it’s an essential read for aspiring pros and future WSOP champions alike.

    Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold’em, Volume 1

    By: Will Tipton
    Subtitle: Optimal and Exploitative Strategies

    Many poker books claim to offer quick paths to success, with titles like “Crush the online games” or boasting about earning millions through poker, suggesting that mastering the game is a breeze. However, these assertions are far from the truth. Mastering poker demands significant intellectual effort and is anything but simple. Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold ’em stands out by offering a structured approach to understanding the game, thanks to Will Tipton, a PhD candidate at Cornell University. Tipton introduces the use of decision trees for navigating complex poker scenarios, starting from basic pre-flop situations to more advanced topics like balance and optimal bet sizing. This book is essential for anyone looking to excel in modern poker, especially in the critical heads-up phase of tournaments or sit’n’gos. It aims to sharpen your skills by teaching you to exploit opponents’ weaknesses, apply theoretical concepts practically, and enhance your game theory intuition for direct application at the poker table.

    Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold’em, Volume 2

    By: Will Tipton
    Subtitle: Strategies for Multiple Streets

    In the highly anticipated sequel to the groundbreaking Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold’Em, Volume 1, Will Tipton takes readers on a captivating journey through the intricate world of early street play. Building upon the foundational concepts of equilibrium and balanced play introduced in Volume 1, this book equips players with the tools necessary to navigate the complex strategic landscape of multi-street situations. Through meticulous analysis and clear explanations, Tipton illuminates the interplay between savvy opponents’ strategies, enabling readers to develop and execute pseudo-optimal and exploitative approaches across the flop, turn, and pre-flop streets. Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold’Em, Volume 2 is a must-read for serious players seeking to elevate their game and dominate the competition.

    Pot Limit Omaha

    By: William Jockusch
    Subtitle: Understanding Winning Play

    A comprehensive guide that explores the complexities of this increasingly popular poker variant. The book covers a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of hand valuation to advanced concepts such as short stack play, wrap hands, blind stealing, and pot size manipulation. With numerous sample hands and an emphasis on winning strategies and thought processes, this book offers valuable insights for players of all skill levels looking to improve their Pot-Limit Omaha game.

    Poker is War

    By: Yann Le dréau, Alexis Beuve , Franck Garot

    This book is in French:

    The authors present a comprehensive guide to the techniques and strategies of no-limit hold’em cash games and tournaments. The book covers exploitative, intermediate, and unexploitable strategies, preflop aggression, post-flop betting patterns, pot control, tournament roadmaps, block theory in practice, and information and misinformation. Reflecting contemporary play, the book caters to the most demanding expectations and ambitious players. Readers follow Soren, the hero, through more than twenty prestigious or unusual locations, from Barcelona to Las Vegas, Venice to Istanbul, and London to Taormina. The book also features a mysterious plot involving a guru and a young, tumultuous professional player on a vendetta. Le Dréau collaborated with several professional players, while writer Franck Garot and illustrator Ivan Seisen helped shape the work.

    Exploiting Poker Tells

    By: Zachary Elwood

    “Exploiting Poker Tells” marks the final installment in Zachary Elwood’s highly praised trilogy, Reading Poker Tells. This book sheds light on the practical aspects of poker, tackling questions such as the factors behind successful poker reads, which behaviors are crucial during decision-making, and which can be disregarded and the reasons for it. It not only reinforces concepts from his earlier works but also introduces new ideas, offering insights into common opponent behaviors. J. Hase mentions in an Amazon review, “The only books that I absolutely will not share with my poker buddies.” Similarly, Dan Podheiser highlights the book’s effectiveness in providing strategies for understanding opponent tendencies.


    Reading Poker Tells

    By: Zachary Elwood

    Reading Poker Tells will teach you how professional poker players analyze the facial expressions, body posture, physical gestures, and verbal statements of opponents in a live poker game. More importantly, it provides a mental framework for thinking about and remembering poker tells by emphasizing how common situations can be similar or different, such as the significant difference between a Post-Bet situation and a Waiting-For-Action situation. The book also offers tips on general poker psychology, including methods for deceiving and manipulating opponents, and ways to stay “unreadable.” Many readers have found that the greatest value they got from this book was in being able to eliminate some common tells they were unknowingly displaying.

    Verbal Poker Tells

    By: Zachary Elwood

    Verbal Poker Tells, is a  guide on how poker players inadvertently disclose details about their hands through speech. This work draws from a variety of popular poker broadcasts such as The World Series of Poker and High Stakes Poker, offering insights into players’ verbal cues. Critics have praised the book highly, with Tommy Angelo highlighting its unique and invaluable content, Andrew Brokos likening it to a detailed study of poker players’ verbal slip-ups, and Mason Malmuth affirming its immediate and long-term utility in improving one’s poker strategy.


    Applications of No-Limit Hold’em

    By: Jonathan Little
    Subtitle: A Guide to Understanding Theoretically Sound Poker

    In the career of a poker player, a pivotal moment arises when they recognize that mastering a single hand is not enough; they must also excel in playing their entire range. This realization could seem overwhelming if one had to consider every possible hand individually. However, by grasping the principles of sound theoretical poker, as taught in “Applications of No-Limit Hold’em,” players can efficiently construct balanced ranges and appropriate bet-sizing. This book simplifies complex theories for immediate application, enhancing overall performance. It covers essential yet often overlooked strategies like overbetting, managing diverse bet-sizing ranges, donk betting, and check-raising as the preflop raiser. By understanding these concepts, players can start to integrate them into their play, gaining an edge over skilled opponents.

    No Limit Hold’em

    By: Thomas Mitchell
    Subtitle: Crushing Micro Stakes & Small Stakes Poker

    This book is the ultimate guide for conquering micro stakes No Limit Hold’em. It stands alone in its category, offering players targeted strategies for overcoming the challenges of both the smallest micro stakes and small stakes games. Whether your arena is online micro stakes No Limit Hold’em or live small stakes games, this book provides all the essentials for triumph. A deep understanding of the typical micro stakes player’s mindset is crucial for defeating them. Covered topics in this book include: starting hands specific to micro stakes, types of players, styles of play, betting strategies unique to micro stakes, how to read the board at micro stakes levels, and much more. The book is enriched with numerous actual hand histories, showcasing real gameplay with commentary explaining the outcomes. A quiz in the final chapter tests your newly acquired knowledge, complete with answers and thorough explanations. Mastering this quiz means you’re prepared to take on the tables! If your goal is to profit from the lowest level micro stakes and small stakes games, this book by is indispensable.

    The Basics of Winning Poker

    By: J. Edward Allen

    This is an essential guide to mastering poker. It’s the only guide you’ll ever need to win! Discover the fundamentals of playing and securing victories in poker with this concise, easy-to-read primer. It offers a comprehensive overview, including winning strategies for the most popular poker games, a straightforward guide to the rules, easy-to-understand charts, and a poker glossary, all designed to enhance your game in a single reading. This book is packed with tips to give you the edge you need.

    Practical Poker Math

    By: Pat Dittmar
    Subtitle: Basic Odds & Probabilities for Hold'em & Omaha

    Pat Dittmar provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand explanation of the basic odds, probabilities, and expectations in Hold’Em and Omaha, emphasizing that players have little chance of improving their results without a fundamental understanding of these concepts. The book is aimed at beginning through semi-pro players who want to enhance their performance, and features complete formulations demonstrated through easy-to-follow, color-coded calculations. Dittmar, head of trading and development at, believes that successful poker players possess the skills required to excel in the fast-paced, global financial markets, and his organization recruits traders exclusively from the poker world. “Practical Poker Math” addresses the crucial question: What are the odds of winning at poker if you don’t know the odds in poker?

    Phil Gordon’s Little Blue Book

    By: Phil Gordon
    Subtitle: More Lessons and Hand Analysis in No Limit Texas Hold'em

    Gordon guides readers through hands he has encountered in various settings, including cash games, different stages of tournaments, Sit & Gos, satellites, supersatellites, and the World Series of Poker final table, revealing not only his plays but also the reasoning behind them. He shares insights into a pro’s thought process in every situation, whether it’s a timely bluff or a questionable call, and helps players calculate their own best moves in high-pressure situations. Through analyzing specific hands, Gordon also imparts valuable lessons in key poker skills such as calculating odds, shorthanded play, and discovering tells, while discussing memorable plays—both good and bad—and explaining how certain hands should have been played differently.

    Poker For Dummies

    By: Richard D. Harroch
    Subtitle: A Reference for the Rest of Us!

    Poker For Dummies is an all-encompassing guide that caters to the increasing popularity of poker in America. The book offers valuable insights for both beginners and experienced players looking to enhance their skills and increase their winnings. It covers various poker games, provides advice on playing in different settings, and discusses strategies such as understanding odds, reading opponents, and bluffing. The guide also delves into poker tournaments, money management, and recordkeeping. With anecdotes from professional players, Poker For Dummies emphasizes that while learning the rules is simple, becoming a consistently successful player requires dedication and hard work, much like achieving success in life.

    Cooke’s Rules of Real Poker

    By: Roy Cooke, John Bond

    The book provides a uniform set of rules for the most popular poker games played in public cardrooms, prioritizing fairness, efficiency, simplicity, and tradition. The authors have consulted the rulebooks of nearly every major cardroom in the country and have chosen rules that best serve these interests, while also considering the importance of inducing action in the game. The book presents the preferred rule for each situation first, followed by alternate rules if applicable, and includes explanatory notes, examples, definitions, and appendices for suggested procedures. Although some players and cardroom managers may not agree with all the rules included, the authors hope that the comprehensiveness of Cooke’s Rules of Real Poker will lead to its adoption as a standard in cardrooms across the country, with the flexibility for cardrooms to adopt the rules as they stand or modify them according to house policy.

    Poker Tournament Strategies

    By: Sylvester Suzuki

    The book emphasizes the distinct nature of poker tournaments compared to conventional poker games, highlighting key differences such as the changing value of chips due to the “percentage payback” structure of most tournaments, the availability of rebuys early on, and players’ tendency to over-adjust their strategies in response to the inability to purchase more chips after the rebuy period. As a result, the book advocates for making numerous strategic adaptations throughout the tournament, such as focusing on chip accumulation, attacking opponents, or simply surviving, depending on the situation. Despite being written under the pseudonym Sylvester Suzuki, the author is a real person with a deep understanding of the fundamental theories governing tournament play. This text serves as a valuable resource for anyone new to the world of poker tournaments, providing the necessary insights to navigate the unique challenges and dynamics of this competitive format.

    Championship Hold’em Tournament Hands

    By: Tom McEvoy
    Subtitle: A Hand By Hand Strategy Guide to Winning Hold'em Tournaments

    A comprehensive guide that will elevate your poker game to a championship level. The book features 61 chapters covering every playable hand in both limit and no-limit hold’em games. With numerous examples, you’ll learn how to play each starting hand from every position, from pre-flop and flop to the turn and river. Additionally, you’ll gain valuable insights into high-level tournament poker strategy by following the thought processes of world champions through 45 real hands played at the World Series of Poker as they compete for millions of dollars. This is a unique opportunity to learn from tournament legends McEvoy and Cloutier as they share their secrets on how to win hold’em tournaments, ranging from weekly limit games with friends to the prestigious main event. Thorough, powerful, and filled with exclusive insights, this book is an essential resource for any tournament hold’em player looking to take their game to the next level.

    Championship Tournament Poker

    By: Tom McEvoy

    A must-have book for every poker player’s library, endorsed by more than five world champions and rated by professionals as the best book ever written on tournament play. The book is filled with winning strategies for all 11 games featured in the World Series of Poker, including extensive coverage of 7-card high, high-low, lowball, razz, limit, pot-limit, and no-limit hold’em, as well as Omaha high, high-low, and pot-limit. Additionally, it provides valuable insights on various tournament formats such as re-buys, half-half, satellites, supersatellites, and mixed games. The authors offer strategies for each stage of tournament play, profiles of notable players, and answers to frequently asked questions about handling challenging situations in tournaments. With its comprehensive approach and expert endorsements, this book is an essential resource for any player looking to excel in the competitive world of tournament poker.

    Championship How to Win Hold’em Satellites

    By: Tom McEvoy, Brad Daugherty
    Subtitle: One-Table Satellites • Supersatellites • Online Satellites

    The book teaches players how to win their way into high-stakes tournaments offering millions in prize money by participating in small-entry fee tournaments known as satellites. The authors draw inspiration from the success stories of Chris Moneymaker, who turned a $39 satellite win into a world championship title and $2.5 million, and Greg Raymer, who transformed $150 into $5 million in 2004. Having made millions through these mini-tournaments themselves, the authors now share their secrets with readers. The book provides step-by-step guidance on proven insider strategies for beating limit and no-limit hold’em satellites, as well as one-table, multi-table, online, and supersatellites. With eleven comprehensive sections, numerous examples, and wise advice, this book serves as an indispensable resource for aspiring champions looking to make their mark in the world of tournament poker.

    How to Win No-Limit Hold’em Tournaments

    By: Tom McEvoy, Don Vines

    This is the first instructional book dedicated entirely to teaching players how to win no-limit hold’em tournaments, which have gained immense popularity through national television coverage on ESPN and the Travel Channel, watched by millions each week. With the 2004 World Series of Poker awarding over $30 million in prize money, including a $5 million first-place prize for a $10,000 investment, this book provides readers with the essential concepts of tournament strategy. It covers topics such as winning big in small buy-in events, adjusting to medium and large buy-in tournaments, adapting to various field sizes and time periods, succeeding in online no-limit tournaments, managing a tournament bankroll, and mastering basic and advanced betting and positional strategies. The authors also offer tips on table demeanor for televised tournaments and analyze actual hands played by finalists at the WSOP and WPT championship tables, complete with card pictures and valuable lessons from the play.

    The Winner’s Guide to Casino Poker

    By: Edwin Silberstang

    The author of “The Winner’s Guide to Casino Gambling” presents a comprehensive study of poker, suitable for both home and casino players. Silverstang uses real game anecdotes to illustrate playing strategies, emphasizing that poker is not solely a game of luck. By mastering the right skills and understanding the psychology of the game, readers of this “poker’s bible” can gain the competitive advantage needed to outplay their rivals.

    Winning Methods of Bluffing & Betting in Poker

    By: Lyn Taetzsch

    Winning at poker doesn’t necessarily require memorizing all the mathematical possibilities of every hand. Instead, playing smart is a simpler approach. This involves focusing more on the actions and reactions of other players rather than just your own hand. By mastering intimidation and concealment tactics, you can take control of the entire table situation. Over time, you can pick up on the subtle hints given by even the most stoic players, revealing their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. These bluffing techniques are easy to master and can lead to more wins than you ever imagined. Additionally, you can use these skills to demand a raise or confront a troublemaker.

    Limit Hold’em

    By: Terry Borer
    Subtitle: Winning Short-Handed Strategies

    A comprehensive guide designed to help players master the art of short-handed limit hold’em poker. Through a combination of well-explained strategies and illustrative examples, the book provides readers with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in this challenging format. The author delves into the unique dynamics of short-handed play, covering essential topics such as hand selection, position, betting patterns, and exploitative tactics. By studying and applying the concepts presented in this book, players can develop a strong foundation and gain a significant edge over their opponents in short-handed limit hold’em games.

    Zen and the Art of Poker

    By: Larry Phillips
    Subtitle: Timeless Secrets to Transform Your Game

    Zen and the Art of Poker is a unique book that applies Zen theories to America’s favorite card game, poker. It offers readers practical tips to improve their game, drawing on the principles of Zen spirituality, a philosophy that has been around for a thousand years. The book is composed of over a hundred rules, teaching readers to embrace folding, use inaction as a weapon, make patience a key part of their strategy, and choose their moments of confrontation wisely. The book uses a clear and succinct style, reminiscent of Zen practices and rituals. It draws parallels between the two disciplines, providing commentary and motivational examples from both ancient Zen masters and modern poker experts.

    How to Win at Poker

    By: John Moss

    A comprehensive poker manual written by John Moss, a renowned Texas Road Gambler and two-time winner of the World Series of Poker, who draws upon his extensive experience and success to provide readers with a wealth of knowledge and strategies that can elevate their game to the next level. Covering a wide range of topics, from fundamental concepts and game theory to advanced techniques.

    Winning at Poker

    By: Dave Scharf
    Subtitle: Essential Hints & Tips

    An essential guide for card players of all levels, from beginners eager to learn the game from the ground up to experienced poker enthusiasts looking to unlock the secrets of legendary players. Written by a genuine poker champion, this comprehensive handbook offers crucial advice and information on reading opponents based on their card handling, understanding the rules and etiquette of the poker table, identifying and avoiding “maniacs” with a breakdown of poker terminology, and finding the best locations for aspiring poker players, including an introduction to online gambling. Presented in a clear and informative style, the book covers all the fundamental aspects of the main poker variations, helping readers learn everything they need to know to confidently join their first tournament or cash game, including betting strategies, card selection, poker etiquette, and the crucial role of position.

    Mastering Video Poker

    By: David E. Ulmer
    Subtitle: A Professional Player's Secrets Revealed

    In this unique book, the author shares their proven strategies for consistently hitting royal flushes and maximizing the benefits of casino clubs and credit departments, based on their personal experience of hitting over 500 royal flush jackpots on $1, $5, and $10 Video Poker machines worldwide. Unlike many other books that simply teach you how to play, this book offers a fun and informative read filled with real-world anecdotes on how to capitalize on Video Poker, regardless of where you live or your budget. The book’s effectiveness is demonstrated through a testimonial from a reader who, after applying the author’s suggestions, hit three royal flushes in three days while playing Nickel Poker, returning home with four times the amount of money they started with, even after accounting for expenses like motel rooms, food, and gas.


    Poker for Women

    By: Mike Caro
    Subtitle: A Course in Destroying Male Opponents at Poker-- And Beyond

    A comprehensive guide that not only explains the rules of poker but also provides women with effective strategies for winning against male opponents. The book covers various poker games, including five-card draw, lowball draw, seven-card stud, and Texas hold ’em, offering tailored advice to help women excel both at the poker table and beyond.

    Poker at the Millennium

    By: Mike Caro, Mike Cappelletti
    Subtitle: Holdem and Omaha

    In this concise and engaging textbook, you’ll quickly learn the professional secrets to dominating the two most popular high-stakes poker variants. Through clear, proven advice and step-by-step examples, you’ll rapidly acquire the tactics and techniques necessary to crush both your opponents and buddies at the poker table.

    The Micro Stakes Playbook

    By: Nathan Williams

    The author emphasizes that the key difference between professional poker players and everyone else is their ability to consistently choose the most profitable option, or make the best decision possible – what the author refers to as “the great play.” This book serves as the ultimate guide to micro stakes poker, teaching readers the optimal strategy against each type of player in every situation at the lower stakes. By mastering the correct approach to dominate these games, the author suggests that profiting at the poker tables becomes as easy as sitting down and printing money.

    How to Make Money in Open Face Chinese Poker

    By: Pokrneo
    Subtitle: The Journey to Fantasy Land

    The first book to teach players how to consistently win at this popular poker variant. Catering to both beginners and regular players, it offers solid strategy advice, 100+ illustrations, live examples, play-by-plays, and interactive Q&As. The book is divided into four sections: Basics, Strategies, Sample Play by Play, and the Super System. Its features include the proven Pokrneo Super System, 10+ well-crafted strategies based on 2000+ rounds of OFCP experience, and carefully edited content and illustrations suitable for all skill levels.

    Ace High

    By: Nathan Schwiethale
    Subtitle: Mastering Low Stakes Poker Cash Games

    A unique poker book that focuses on playing against the typical amateur and “calling station” players frequently found in low stakes games, rather than the high stakes professionals that most books are written by and for. The author recognizes that the advice given by high stakes pros often doesn’t apply to the majority of players who face unorthodox opponents chasing every hand to the river. This book aims to help intermediate players who already understand the basic rules and hand values of Texas Hold’em become consistent winners in small stakes cash games, both in casinos and online. It covers all aspects of poker, including math, tells, game theory, card selection, and more, while presenting proven techniques that have generated a 30% return on investment for the author over the past decade. With this book, players will never again become frustrated with unconventional opponents at the low stakes tables.

    Modern Small Stakes

    By: Nathan Williams

    The book aims to teach readers how to outplay the regular players populating today’s small stakes poker games. Through extensive HUD analysis, Modern Small Stakes breaks down each player at these limits in great detail, identifying their weaknesses and providing strategies to exploit them. However, the book also emphasizes the importance of becoming unexploitable oneself. While a robotic, unbalanced approach may work against clueless opponents at lower stakes, it is ineffective against skilled players. Therefore, throughout the book, efforts are made to demonstrate how to balance one’s range against thinking opponents, ensuring success in small stakes game

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