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    Video Poker

    By: Dan Paymar
    Subtitle: Optimum Play

    This book introduces Dan’s Attractiveness Index and contains information on games that were introduced since the first edition was published. This book will show you why certain video poker machines offer the highest potential payback of any games in the casinos, how to recognize games that offer over 100% payback, and how to avoid the deceptive short-pay machines. It will also guide you on how big a bankroll you will need to have any desired chance of hitting a jackpot, how to evaluate the contribution of comps and promotions to a game, and most importantly, Precision Play – how to quickly and easily make the optimum draw to maximize your win rate without having to memorize long tables.

    Frugal Video Poker

    By: Jean Scott

    Frugal Video Poker is a comprehensive guide to mastering this popular casino game. It provides detailed instructions on how to identify profitable pay schedules and strategies to maximize potential winnings. The book starts with the basics, teaching beginners how to differentiate between good and bad paytables. More experienced players can learn bridge concepts that enhance their performance. The book also discusses special opportunities like tournaments, promotions, and progressive games, as well as new cutting-edge games. It includes a resource section for advanced study. Additionally, it offers lessons on using video poker computer software to elevate your game.

    Fundamentals of Video Poker

    By: Mason Malmuth

    This guide is designed to help you make the correct drawing decisions and select the right machines in the most popular of all slot games.

    The Video Poker Answer Book

    By: John Grochowski

    John Grochowski provides straightforward insights in this book on the functioning of machines and optimal strategies for tackling modern variations of this casino staple. It addresses over 300 questions. How can a player identify a high-paying machine? What impact do bonuses on certain infrequent hands have on strategy? Does the optimal playing method vary on new machines that allow the customer to play three, four, five, 10, or even 50 hands simultaneously?

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    Video Poker Secrets

    By: Benjamin Guthrie
    Subtitle: Strategies to Give You the Unfair Advantage in Video Poker

    Million Dollar Video Poker

    By: Bob Dancer

    Bob Dancer, the world’s most celebrated video poker player and author, turned a $6,000 bankroll into over $1 million in six years in Las Vegas. His book, Million Dollar Video Poker, chronicles this journey and offers valuable insights for players of all abilities. Dancer reveals how video poker, a rare beatable casino game, can be conquered. This is the first time a top professional has shared so many winning strategies.

    Professional Video Poker

    By: Stanford Wong

    Victory at Video Poker

    By: Frank Scoblete

    Video poker and various other video games are rapidly expanding in popularity within casinos. Many of these games offer an enjoyable mix of luck and strategy, which can potentially lead to sustained victories, provided you understand which machines to choose and the best way to play them.

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