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    For Richer, For Poorer

    By: Victoria Coren
    Subtitle: A Love Affair with Poker

    Victoria Coren, once unhappy at a prestigious girls’ day school, discovered solace in the enigmatic realm of poker. Two decades on, she’s a millionaire but has overlooked starting a family. What’s the cost of such an adventure? Her journey is a genuine tale filled with joy and sorrow, illusions and reality, as well as the allure of the game and its dubious figures. It’s a narrative about finding friendship, experiencing love, and coping with loss. Additionally, it might offer insights on securing a million-dollar win.

    The Judgement Fold

    By: Vince Van Patten

    In the thrilling sequel to The Picasso Flop, Jimmy Spain and his protégé, Kat Landrigan, find themselves immersed in another high-stakes adventure at a World Poker Tour event in Niagara Falls. Surrounded by a colorful cast of eccentric gamblers and poker players, including a puppet, a poetry-reciting woman, and a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, Jimmy once again becomes entangled in a sinister murder plot. As he struggles to balance his focus on the game with his determination to uncover the killer, Jimmy embarks on a wild chase across the Ontario side of the iconic Falls, facing a daunting challenge that tests his skills both on and off the poker table. With twists and turns at every corner, this gripping tale promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats as Jimmy navigates the dangerous world of high-stakes poker and murder.

    Drawing Dead

    By: Grant McCrea

    In this thrilling tale, lawyer Rick Redman finds himself at a crossroads, driven to make a career change after a murder and enticed by a beautiful woman offering a substantial cash retainer. However, when he loses the money in a poker game and ends up in Nevada, Redman has no choice but to attempt to recoup his losses at the World Series of Poker. As the stakes become higher than he anticipated, Redman’s brother-in-law is found dead, adding an unexpected layer of danger to his already precarious situation.

    Dead Money

    By: Rudy Stegemoeller
    Subtitle: A No-Limit Poker Mystery

    Criminal defense lawyer Mark Newcomb finds himself in his element, playing against the best in a million-dollar Texas hold’em tournament, relying on his incredible instincts and lucky underwear rather than professional experience. However, keeping his focus becomes challenging when players start dying, beginning with poker legend Shooter Deukart. As Mark and his gambling buddies become prime suspects, he offers them legal advice, but when another player is killed, he begins to question whether one of his friends could be the murderer. With the police investigating him and a mob hitman on his tail, Mark’s goal shifts to simply surviving the game. The story keeps readers guessing whether Lady Luck will be on his side when the killer strikes again.

    Poker Without Cards

    By: Ben Mack

    There is not enough information about this book.

    Shuffle Up and Deal

    By: Susan DiPlacido

    Izzy Santillo, a charming but lonely poker enthusiast, and Nick Nolan, the reigning king of Hold ’em, meet at a Las Vegas poker tournament. Despite a humiliating encounter, Nick takes an interest in Izzy and offers to help improve her game. As they embark on a series of steamy trips and outrageous proposition bets on the poker tour, they must decide whether to go all-in for each other or risk losing everything.

    Blood Aces

    By: Doug J. Swanson
    Subtitle: The Wild Ride of Benny Binion, the Texas Gangster Who Created Vegas Poker

    A riveting biography that chronicles the life of Benny Binion, a pivotal figure in shaping modern Las Vegas. Born in a Texas backwater, Binion rose to prominence through a combination of vision, determination, and ruthless tactics, becoming a cowboy, pioneering casino owner, gangster, killer, and the founder of the immensely popular World Series of Poker. Author Doug J. Swanson, a veteran journalist, draws from once-secret government documents and extensive research to reveal how Binion eliminated his rivals and outsmarted adversaries, including J. Edgar Hoover. Binion’s formula for success involved running a good business, cultivating influential connections, eliminating enemies, and controlling law enforcement. Through a blend of cold-bloodedness, native intelligence, folksiness, and philanthropy, Binion emerged as one of the most revered figures in the history of gambling, with his showmanship, shrewdness, and violence dominating the Vegas scene.

    Stand Pat, Or, Poker Stories from the Mississippi

    By: David Curtis

    A fascinating collection of short stories by David A. Curtis, published in 1906, that immerses readers in the thrilling world of poker along the Mississippi River. Set against the backdrop of the early 20th century, these tales feature a diverse cast of characters, from professional gamblers and riverboat captains to local townspeople, all drawn to the exhilaration and perils of the game. Curtis masterfully captures the essence of the Mississippi River region through vivid descriptions and nuanced character portrayals, offering a captivating glimpse into the realm of poker and gambling during this period. This rare antiquarian book, a facsimile reprint of the original, may contain some imperfections, such as library marks and notations, but its cultural significance has warranted its preservation and availability as part of an ongoing commitment to protect, preserve, and promote the world’s literature in affordable, high-quality, modern editions that remain true to the original work.


    By: Kevin Canty
    Subtitle: A Novel

    Rounders is set against the backdrop of New York’s high-stakes underground poker world. It tells the story of one man’s journey to pursue his ultimate dream. Kevin Canty, the highly acclaimed author of A Stranger in This World and Into the Great Wide Open, brings his storytelling prowess to this gripping narrative.

    Busting Vegas

    By: Ben Mezrich
    Subtitle: A True Story of Monumental Excess, Sex, Love, Violence, and Beating the Odds

    Semyon Dukach, a mathematical genius and high roller, gambled in casinos worldwide with a unique, unbeatable system, aiming to amass unimaginable wealth. Known as the Darling of Las Vegas, he and his MIT peers hit major gambling spots, including Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Monte Carlo, making millions. Despite facing threats, bans, and physical violence, they remained undeterred. Dukach’s story, Busting Vega$, is a thrilling tale of greed, excess, love, violence, and statistics, revealing the high-stakes world of casino gambling.



    By: Chris Moneymaker
    Subtitle: How an Amateur Poker Player Turned Into Million at the World Series of Poker

    Moneymaker tells the captivating story of a young accountant from Tennessee with a penchant for gambling, who only started playing cards after college. An amateur player who emerged from obscurity, Moneymaker won a $40 online Texas Hold ‘Em game three years later, securing a spot at the 2003 World Series of Poker. By borrowing money to travel to Las Vegas, he participated in his first live tournament and spent four days fighting for a leading position at the final table. This book is packed with tales from his early gambling days to a detailed account of his significant hands at the World Series of Poker, making it an enthralling, fast-paced narrative for anyone who dreams of making it big. Moneymaker’s victory in the 2003 Series demonstrated to both newcomers and seasoned poker professionals that anything is achievable with just a chip and a chair.

    The Education of a Poker Player

    By: James McManus

    James McManus, a New York Times-bestselling author, has crafted a collection of seven autobiographical stories. Persuaded by his grandmother at eight years old that priesthood would ensure his family’s salvation, Vince eagerly enrolls in a Jesuit seminary for high school. However, as he begins to understand the implications of a celibacy vow and faces the allure of poker and girls, his enthusiasm for seminary life wanes. These stories offer a humorous and insightful look into Catholicism, faith, celibacy, and the world’s favorite card game, poker. McManus, often referred to as “poker’s Shakespeare,” is also the author of Positively Fifth Street and Cowboys Full, among others. He has received numerous awards and currently teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

    Positively Fifth Street

    By: James McManus
    Subtitle: Murderers, Cheetahs, and Binion's World Series of Poker

    James McManus was sent to Las Vegas by Harper’s Magazine in the spring of 2000 to cover the World Series of Poker, focusing on two main stories: the progress of women in the $23 million event and the murder of the tournament’s prodigal host, Ted Binion, allegedly committed by a stripper and her boyfriend. Upon arriving, McManus finds himself drawn to the tables, compelled to risk his entire Harper’s advance in a long-shot attempt to participate in the tournament himself. In Positively Fifth Street, he provides a deliciously suspenseful account of the tournament, detailing the players, the intense hand-to-hand combat, and his own unlikely progress. McManus also captures the delightfully seedy carnival atmosphere that surrounds the event.

    Take Me to the River

    By: Peter Alson
    Subtitle: A Wayward and Perilous Journey to the World Series of Poker

    Peter Alson, an overeducated underachiever, spent his years after college avoiding adulthood. However, upon reaching fifty, he decides it’s time to settle down and proposes to his long-term girlfriend. To fund their wedding, he devises a plan involving poker and a trip to Las Vegas. He boards a plane for the city, ready to participate in the biggest poker event – the 2005 World Series of Poker. Competing for a prize pool of over $56 million, he confronts his past and future. His book, Take Me to the River, humorously and intensely explores his poker obsession and the lessons it provides on probability, luck, patience, perseverance, and most importantly, commitment, as he prepares for marriage.

    The Noble Hustle

    By: Colson Whitehead
    Subtitle: Poker, Beef Jerky, and Death

    Bestselling author and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Colson Whitehead, was given $10,000 by Grantland magazine in 2011 to participate in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Despite never having played in a casino tournament, Whitehead had six weeks to train in Atlantic City. His journey, marked by joy, heartbreak, and the challenge of balancing family life, culminated in a multimillion-dollar tournament in Vegas. Whitehead’s account of his experience is entertaining, ironic, and surprisingly profound.

    Fading Hearts on the River

    By: Brooks Haxton
    Subtitle: A Life in High-Stakes Poker

    In this skillfully written story by Haxton, readers are taken on an engaging journey that explores the shared qualities of abstraction, logic, and memory among both accomplished poets and poker players. The narrative offers a captivating tour through a variety of complex and interconnected subjects, including game theory, financial strategies, medical enigmas, lost love, chess, Magic cards, and Texas Hold ‘em. At the heart of the story is a father’s love and admiration for his talented son, providing a unique insight into professional gambling and one family’s journey navigating the risks. “Fading Hearts” presents an intriguing perspective on the worlds of professional gambling and the experiences of a family betting against the odds.


    By: Brandon Adams
    Subtitle: A Poker Novel

    “Broke” explores the high-stakes journey of three young, gifted poker players on their quest for fame and fortune in an environment riddled with addiction. Raf Verheij, a twenty-five-year-old chess prodigy, believes poker has saved him from despair rather than leading him into it. Robert Thompson possesses an almost magical skill in reading his opponents’ hands through their body language, yet struggles with a severe gambling addiction. Matt Ingram, known for his self-destructive tendencies, grinds his way through the poker world. This narrative reveals the addictive and perilous nature of poker, not just to one’s finances but also to mental health, highlighting that the greatest challenges often come from within. “Broke” provides an insight into the lives of Raf, Robert, and Matt as they navigate the treacherous path to becoming poker legends, emphasizing that the real battle is often with oneself rather than with opponents.

    Straight Flush

    By: Ben Mezrich
    Subtitle: The True Story of Six College Friends Who Dealt Their Way to a Billion-Dollar Online Poker Empire--and How It All Came Crashing Down . . .

    Straight Flush, based on insider interviews, recounts the company’s early operations in Costa Rica, where founders indulged in a lavish lifestyle. They operated in a legal gray area, creating an industry that soon attracted the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice. The book offers an unprecedented look into one of the most sensational business stories of the past decade.

    Shut Up and Deal

    By: Jesse May

    In 1987, poker was legalized in Nevada and a single California county, captivating 17-year-old author Jesse May. By 1996, the game was legal in over twenty US states and five European countries, transforming poker’s landscape. May, too, evolved with the game, leaving the University of Chicago in 1989 due to conflicts between his class schedule and poker nights. His debut novel, Shut Up and Deal, is based on his experiences in the poker world. It follows a ’90s dropout with an unshakeable obsession for poker, navigating casinos and card rooms in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Amsterdam. The novel, told in a compelling voice, is filled with intense poker dramas, with the protagonist, Mickey, facing a situation that risks his entire bankroll and tests his morals. Shut Up and Deal offers an immersive look into the modern poker world with its gripping, fast-paced narrative.

    King of a Small World

    By: Rick Bennet
    Subtitle: A Poker Novel

    This book brings to light a cult classic novel that captures the shadowy world of professional gambling, captivating readers globally. Joey Moore stands out as a formidable poker player, known for his ruthless efficiency and keen awareness. For years, he’s roamed from one game to the next, mostly coming out on top, and occasionally reconnecting with his sporadic girlfriend. His life takes a turn when he secures a position as a poker boss, leading to a significant uptick in his earnings. However, fortune is fleeting, and Joey is on the brink of discovering just how quickly good luck can sour.

    The Cincinnati Kid

    By: Richard Jessup
    Subtitle: A Novel

    By the age of 21, he had become a complete rambling-gambling man, known across three rivers. He was recognized as The Cincinnati Kid, a rising figure with a distinct charm. His reputation spread from Jolly’s Omaha Card Club on the Missouri, to Spriigi’s Emporium in Wheeling on the Ohio, and down to Big Nig’s in Memphis on the Mississippi.

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