7-Card Stud

Subtitle: 42 Lessons How to Win at Medium Lower Limits

Based on The Cover

Mark West presents a practical, step-by-step guide for low to medium limit players looking to consistently win at both casino and home games. The book covers the latest strategies for success in $1-$4 spread-limit up to $10-$20 fixed-limit games, offering 42 informal, easy-to-read, and powerful lessons. West covers essential topics such as starting hands, 3rd-7th street strategies for playing most hands, overcards, selective aggressiveness, reading hands, secrets of the pros, and psychology. As a bonus, the book includes a chapter on 7-stud tournament strategy by World Champion Tom McEvoy, who praises West’s advice as “down home, clear, and right on the money.” This comprehensive guide is a must-have for any player seeking to improve their skills and increase their winnings in seven-card stud poker.