Analytical No-Limit Hold ’em

Based on The Cover

The book addresses the significant changes in poker over the past few years, particularly the shift towards online play, which has led to the development of new winning strategies. The book provides the necessary tools and theory for navigating challenging mid-stakes short-handed games, especially those played online. It explores the latest techniques and strategies employed by many of today’s top players and explains the strategic approaches required for success. The text covers a wide range of topics, including three-betting, exploiting weak players, beating short-stackers, board texture, optimal bluffing frequencies, and an in-depth analysis of ranges, including range structure, polarized ranges, and range balance. Additionally, the book examines the concept of hand-reading by assigning perceived ranges to players and demonstrates ways to manipulate one’s image to influence opponents’ strategies. Analytical No Limit Hold’em also discusses the use of tracking programs and heads-up displays, and includes a chapter dedicated to computer security in the context of online poker.