Dirty Poker

Subtitle: The Poker Underworld Exposed

Based on The Cover

Are you curious about the prevalence of cheating in poker, including tactics like collusion, sleight-of-hand, marked cards, and chip dumping? Cheating is surprisingly common, not just in informal games lacking strict rules but also in regulated environments like casinos and online platforms. Despite its subtleties, cheating spans a broad spectrum of methods. Richard Marcus is an expert on the subject. With the rise of online poker, what was once a niche hobby has transformed into a major industry, attracting millions of players daily. For those participating, ensuring the integrity of the games is crucial. Marcus’s book provides insights into the operations of cheaters, their techniques, and detection methods. It covers everything from traditional casino cheating to online scams and offers advice for home games, making it an essential guide for anyone looking to safeguard their game.