Getting Lucky

Subtitle: The Education of a Mad Poker Player

Based on The Cover

 Richard Sparks continues his thrilling journey into the world of poker, picking up where he left off in his previous book. Realizing his game needs improvement, Sparks enlists the help of legendary World Champion of Poker Tom McEvoy as his personal coach. Armed with newfound knowledge and skills, Sparks embarks on a series of adventures, including a cruise to Mexico with the Party Poker Million, rubbing shoulders with famous poker faces, top stars, and big money players. He discusses the future of poker with the man behind the World Poker Tour and learns about the seedy past from The King of the Cheats. Sparks puts his newly acquired skills to the test at the World Series of Poker, facing off against the biggest names in the game. Throughout his journey, he shares anecdotes and encounters with poker’s most unique characters, while receiving invaluable insight and instruction from McEvoy. As his game improves rapidly, Sparks experiences spectacular results, all while immersing readers in the heart-pounding, real-life action of the poker world.