Read ‘Em and Weep

Subtitle: A Bedside Poker Companion

Based on The Cover

Poker is not just a widely loved game, it’s a universe filled with a variety of vibrant personalities, including professionals, amateurs, hustlers, and dreamers. This collection, akin to a royal flush, compiles short stories, essays, poems, and novel excerpts from a range of esteemed authors. These writers, from the Wild West era to the present day, have drawn from their personal encounters with the game. The compilation, titled ‘Read ‘Em and Weep’, is both entertaining and enlightening, making it a must-have. It features works by Nelson Algren, Andy Bellin, Anthony Holden, Katy Lederer, James Thurber, Barbara Tuchman, Billy Collins, Pete Dexter, Martin Amis, David Mamet, Herbert O. Yardley, A. and more.