The Godfather of Poker

Subtitle: The Doyle Brunson Story

Based on The Cover

The thrilling real-life journey of Doyle Brunson, an American icon, is a tale of survival, courage, and triumph. Brunson, a two-time world champion poker player, has faced death, navigated the dangerous streets of Fort Worth and mob-infested Las Vegas, and risked millions on everything from poker to golf. His life is marked by incredible highs and lows, from surviving a death sentence due to incurable cancer, to outliving most of his poker-playing peers in Texas, to bluffing a gunman after being pistol-whipped. Despite numerous financial ups and downs, Brunson has won and lost millions, often in mere seconds. He’s even gambled on the grandest scale, betting one million dollars on a single golf hole while barely able to stand. His life, filled with extraordinary exploits and devastating tragedies, is a testament to the saying: Truth is stranger than fiction. To the millions who play poker worldwide, Brunson is the legendary “Babe Ruth of Poker”—the greatest gambler and poker player to ever live.